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Baseball-Softball-Soccer-Lacrosse Action Photos

For events and facilities that we don't have pre-approval to shoot...please use this link to book your reservation. We will be in contact to confirm or if we have additional questions!

Also, since field sports have a larger playing area and usually longer playing time (compared to basketball!), please give us as much information about the player so we can best position ourselves on the field (ie are they are left-handed hitter, etc). We are prepared for wet weather and sunny days, but if a game is cancelled or postponed due to weather, we will get with the parent on another time to shoot.

How it works: Please choose the approximate starting time and information about the player, team and other information we need to cover your athlete. Once we approved, an email will be sent back to pay for covering the game. (In Indiana we do have to charge sales tax for downloadable images). Warm-ups and full game will be covered. While we don't have a guaranteed number of images you will get (it all depends on play-time of each athlete and other factors that we may not have control over) we try to get a minimum of 20-30 hi-res images but likely more depending of playtime.

Within 24 hours you will receive a link to download all of your images...with no restrictions on printing and sharing with family and friends!

Please schedule out 2 days if possible, as we will not always be on location to have immediate availability. 

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